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I’m a BIG sports fan. My favorites are baseball, football and tennis. But, I’ll pretty much watch almost any sport. The energy, the excitement, even the agony.  All those emotions are fodder for a writer.

I got my love of baseball from my mom’s side of the family. In Puerto Rico baseball is HUGE!  One of my prized sports possessions is the authentic Puerto Rico jersey from the World Baseball Classic my two older daughters gave me as a gift. Every March, I live for MLB spring training and the start of another year of Chicago Cubs baseball!

I got my love of football from my dad’s side.  My Texas relatives live and breathe football—Go Cowboys!  Check out my dad’s hometown of San Antonio and fall in love with our vibrant culture.

As a University of Florida alum, I’m proud to say there’s no better college team than my Gators! You know those crazy fans with painted faced? Well, I’m proud to say I’ve been one.

But greater than sports is my love for my familia and friends.

No man is an island… John Donne wrote that in 1624, meaning humans can’t thrive alone.  That may not be true for everyone, but I certainly know it’s true for me—as a writer and a person.

I value my friends and I hope you’ll be interested in meeting some of them who are also writers.  Check out the links below to connect with a few of my amigas and me via Facebook groups.

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4 Chicas Chat-– an author-reader Facebook group I created with three close amigas. We like to think about the 4 Chicas Chat space as our group casa (house) where we celebrate life, love, the romance genre and more…with a Latinx flavor. I hope you’ll come by and visit with Mia Sosa, Sabrina Sol, Alexis Daria, and me…we’d love you to swing by our casa and chat! And look for #LatinxRom to connect with us and other Latinx romance authors via social media outlets.

Racy Reads Party Room–a rousing, rollicking author-reader Facebook group with almost 30 authors hanging out, having fun, cracking jokes, chatting about about books and life and what helps us keep on keeping on. Swing by for giveaways and parties!

Come get to know us all a little better!

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