Most Embarrassing Moment



When I read the topic idea for this month I had mixed reactions.

First, I cringed—goodness, why would I want to relive embarrassing moments?


Then, I chuckled—having fun remembering all my embarrassing moments.

And if you ask my kids, there are plenty of them.


Finally, I grew pensive—hmm, which one should I choose?


After a while I realized, I’m a romance writer with heroines who often find themselves in embarrassing situations.

So, let me share a moment that I probably would have rather written about than experienced.

After a decades-long marriage that ended several years ago, it’s taken me a while to feel “ready” to get back in the dating scene. With my kids off to college, I’m on my own for the first time in ages.

That’s liberating, but also a little nerve-wracking.

I actually had to work up the confidence to do things like go to the movies on my own, or head out to dinner and request a table for one (honestly, I usually take my writing or read a book). But go out to a pub for a drink on my own?



So picture this scene:

A young—okay not so young, but go with me here…What about this?

A young-ish newly single woman heads to a local pub to meet up with some friends. She’s coming from a university campus event, dressed in team colors and sportsfan shoes that might be a little over the top for anything but an alumni event.

She’s talking on the phone with a friend as she drives to the pub, and while waiting at a red light, decides to slip off her sportsfan sandals and slip on a pair of simple ones she brought along. You know, tone down her outfit a bit.

The light turns green, the young-ish woman drives away and arrives at the pub.

Her friends text; they’re delayed.

She takes a deep breath, reminding herself that she’s an independent woman and can certainly go in alone. After moment of hesitation, she heads in to order a drink at the bar and wait for a table to open up.

Twenty minutes her nervously scanning the area, but failing to recognize anyone go by. And still, her friends haven’t arrived.

Nearby, a woman accidentally drops her pint glass. It hits the tile floor and shatters. A pub employee rushes over to sweep up the mess.

The young—darn—young-ish woman sticks out her foot to point out a large, jagged piece of glass near her. That’s when she notices the shoe she’s pointing has a puffy blue flower on top of it.

It’s a sportsfan sandal. Just like the one she slipped off at the red…

A quick glance down alerts her to the fact that yes, she did slip off the right shoe and put on a simple white sandal. But her left foot still has the sportsfan sandal with the BIG BLUE GO TEAM FLOWER.




Cut to the young-ish woman surreptitiously setting down her own pint glass,

and then slinking out the side door to rush back to her car!

Talk about embarrassing moments!


Thankfully, this fabulously strong young-ish woman quickly changes her sandals. Takes an evaluative deep breath.

Stares at her reflection in her rearview mirror. And laughs.

Then, she freshens up her lipstick, gives herself a little wink, and heads back into the pub.

The fun is just beginning!


So, now it’s your turn!!!


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My Favorite Writing Spot


This month’s Writer Wednesdays blog is like a round robin game of Show and Tell as the WW authors share their favorite place to write. Personally, I’m excited to get a peek inside the various writing havens to see where my friends tap into their creativity and spend playtime with their muse.

For this Florida girl who spent her childhood summers visiting her Abuela in Puerto Rico, if I’m looking for inspiration or need to refill my creative well or if I #amediting, you’ll find me here…


or here


or here


often with my trusty sidekick, Addi.


If I #amwriting new pages, a blanket on the beach is a little too cozy, but I do love writing in a spot with a beach view.

For me the open ocean evokes a fulfilling sense that anything and everything is possible. I will  be published. I will  honor my characters by telling their story the best I know how. So if I can write in a place like this…


or this


I’m feeling like I #amblessed.

I’ll go back and forth between listening to the sound of the waves and popping in my headphones to let Pandora Radio serenade me with Spanish ballads like Luis Miguel’s “No Se Tu” or “Amarte es Un Placer.” The ocean waves and my favorite Spanish love songs never fail to put me in a romance-writing kind of mood.

Unfortunately, I don’t live right on the beach and my day job doesn’t need me to set up an office in a sandy alcove. I know, bummer. That means my jaunts to the ocean are relegated to the weekends when I can get away.

To appease my yearning for a sunny spot with a little shade, I’ll write in my home office for a while, then treat myself by moving my laptop out to my back yard. There I’ll set up shop on our picnic table underneath an awning.


If it’s been a long productive day and especially if I’ve met my writing goal, I treat myself even more by taking a nap on our hammock. :-)


How about you? Where you do go for inspiration—if you’re a writer or for life in general?  I’d love to hear about your productive spot or your getaway place that helps you refill your creative or emotional well.

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A Smorgasbord of Romantic Date Ideas



Yes, that’s right, the Writer Wednesday gang is doing it up Valentine’s Day style this year and we’re here to help you out with some romantic date ideas.

This  month I’m subscribing to the “a picture is worth a thousand words” idea. Thinking that a pic will get the point across faster. And with the clock ticking ever closer to V-Day on Sunday, you might need to get crackin’!

And of course you’ll want to check out the other Writer Wednesday author sites to see what they’ve cooked up for you.

Today, you’ll get a little smorgasbord of ideas, since there’s a smorgasbord of dates that I’d find romantic. :-)

Of course, there’s the age old– sunset beach locale.

In my book, you can never go wrong with this place.

Whether it’s a blanket or a lounger with some snacks and a bottle of wine to share


Or if you take it a little further with chairs, a table and a meal


Or you go all out at a fancy restaurant with a killer ocean view


it’s a great way to WOW a girl who loves the sound of ocean waves lapping the shore, the smell of salt and sea in the air, and the relaxing sensation of her toes in the sand!

If she’s a dance lover, like me, maybe a night out at a club for a little salsa, merengue or bachata?


Maybe a movie night– in or out. I’m always up for a blanket, a picnic and great flick on a big screen in the park.


Or how about Shakespeare in the Park? ~~Sigh~~

For this English-major, book-lovin’ girl, the pic below is definitely

the start of romantic evening if I’ve ever seen one.


But if you know, or if you’ve checked out my website, you’ll know that one of my favorite ways to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon is sitting in the bleacher seats at Wrigley Field, cheering on my beloved Cubbies.Wrigley-Field-Chicago-Cubs

The warm sun shining on my face, a cool drink in one hand, the crack of the bat when a Cubbie gets a hit…

and a special someone at my side cheering with me .



But you know what?

After a busy week with a long To Do list, a quiet walk in the park just might do the trick.

A stop along the way, holding hands as we relax side by side on a bench.

No specific destination, no particular time to be somewhere other than right where we are, together.


My best advice if you’re trying to come up with a romantic date idea for someone special is to take a few moments to think about that person. What she (or he) likes to do, hasn’t had time to do, or what brings a smile to her/his face.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a grand gesture– well, at least not for me. :-)

I’d love to hear what your idea of a romantic date might be. Hope you have some time to share!

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Holiday Décor– Gingerbread Style!


It’s holiday season and the clock is ticking closer to my favorite holiday of them all—Christmas!

When it comes to Christmas, I’m a sucker for it all—decorations, gift buying and giving, singing carols, gatherings with family and friends, and the baking. Especially the baking!

Years ago when my girls were younger I started a tradition of baking and decorating a gingerbread house together. It’s not a simple process, more like a several-day process.

It all started when I came across a how-to bake a gingerbread house from scratch VHS tape (yes, I’m dating myself here) called the Magic of Gingerbread Houses.


From whipping up the cookie batter, to cutting out individual pieces by hand, to decorating the sides and allowing them to dry overnight, to assembling the house, and finally to decorating the roof and the surrounding yard/landscape.

It’s not a one afternoon process. But, we would start the Christmas carols playing and enjoy the family time. And once we were done, we had managed to create one of my favorite decorations in our house. A beautiful masterpiece (in our eyes anyway) that made the house smell sugary sweet!

The first few years we made one house together. Eventually my girls decided they’d like to try making their own and we created a three-house neighborhood. Soon we were moving on to a city center with a beauty salon, two-story dance studio and the mayor’s mansion. One year we made a country house with an airplane hangar and runway in its backyard.

1752_52591593853_7267_n 1752_52591583853_6641_n


Another year, being the diehard Chicago Cubs fans that we are, we created Wrigley Field with mini gummi bears as Cubs fans and a signature bar with rooftop seating across the street.

18734_240593078853_4910502_n 18734_240593043853_4520847_n


Another year we decided to try our hand at creating some of our favorite places to visit. My youngest built a large two story house in Santorini with a sandy (brown sugar) beach leading to the ocean that connected it to the Roman Coliseum and a pavilion in Guell Park in Barcelona.

163416_10150104732488854_5682849_n 163889_10150104732388854_7982192_n


Once all my daughters left for college I figured the tradition might not last. Their time at home was now limited. Life changes happen. But that first year they were all off to school, when December rolled around my girls started sending texts asking about designs or they scoured the internet and swapped house plans with each other to see which they’d like to try.

So I bought the supplies and once they arrived home, we started the music and got to work– together. In recent years we’ve created gingerbread neighborhoods like this one.

384419_10150558603558854_885592203_n 408843_10150558602623854_330814341_n 381677_10150558606303854_1101500688_n

and this one


And three separate houses displayed together or separated around the house.



Last year, with my oldest home for only a short time and my middle daughter volunteering out of the country throughout the holidays, once again I was dismayed to think that we may not take the time for gingerbread houses.

Thankfully, my youngest saved the day by deciding she wanted to be adventurous and create the Eiffel Tower. She found a template on-line, then I used my stellar math skills (read that as: the most math this English major had used a looooong time) to double the measurements so I could cut out our template. It was simple, yet elegant and served as the perfect table centerpiece on our lazy-susan.



Yes, our home is sprinkled with other decorations—both inside and out. But when it comes down to it, some of my absolute favorite decorations are the houses we’ve created together. It reminds me of the power of tradition to bond families and people. Of the time my girls and I have spent together over the years. The fun we’ve had breaking the houses on New Year’s Eve and enjoying the fruits of our labor.

But more important than those gingerbread houses are the memories we’ve made—as always, together.


What about you… Is there a decoration you have that for whatever reason is your favorite? I’d love to hear what it might be.


Also, I encourage you to hop on over to visit my Firebird sisters Jean Willett, Sharon Wray, Tamra Baumann and Kay Hudson. Like me they’re sharing about their holiday décor, too!


I wish you the most blessed, joyous holiday season!!!








Let me start by saying that somehow I had gotten it into my head that this month’s Writer Wednesdays blog topic was “vacation pics.”  Needless to say I was caught off guard when I recently learned that we were supposed to share a blog on phobias.


Vacation pictures… phobias… they’re kinda close. Not! 😀


So, I had to shift gears rather quickly (as in, just last night) and see what my thoughts might be on phobias—or at least the thoughts worth sharing anyway.


Phobia (according to the Merriam-Webster website) is an extremely strong dislike or fear of someone or something


Yes, there are things I dislike or fear, and there are some people I don’t necessarily care for so I avoid them—thought other than Freddie Krueger, I’m not sure I “fear” someone.

But a phobia? Hmmm, yes, I must admit I have them.


Two to be exact:  fear of falling and fear of tightly enclosed spaces (mostly if I’m afraid I could get stuck inside them).


Let’s start with my fear of falling. I don’t mean, just slipping on a banana peel falling.  But rather, falling out of or off of something and plummeting to my death (or a LOT of pain).


Kinda like this:         shutterstock_16785946


Or say a roller coaster. Hence the reason why I only ride the ones that have those shoulder bars locking me in place. That way I feel secure in my seat and can just enjoy the thrill of the twists and turns and going upside down. Confident I won’t FALL OUT.


Or, I once got stuck at the top of a ladder while painting our cathedral-ceiling-height walls in our foyer. I was doing well, almost done, then I made the mistake of looking down when one of my daughters called me. Whether it actually did or not, I had the sensation that the ladder pulled away from the wall, followed quickly by the vision of me teetering backwards to free fall down until I hit the tile floor with a splat!



My panic attack was more like an insane-like giggle attack paired with a flood of tears streaming down my face, while my fingers death gripped the ladder and my entire body froze. Picture a family member having to climb up the ladder to help me slowly, step-by-step manage to climb down, my daughters looking up at me wondering what the heck was wrong with me.


Not one of my finer moments.


Now, my fear of being stuck in a small space manifested itself in the middle of an MRI a doc once ordered when I was experiencing back pain. As a mom with three young daughters all under the age of 6, I actually looked forward to the test thinking: Cool, I’ll get a 45-minute nap and get out of here feeling refreshed and energized.


Cue my request for classical music when the technician asked what I’d like them to play on the machine’s inner speakers. Nice calming music to put me to sleep. But with my imagination, it soon morphed into more like funeral music.


Five minutes into the test, I opened my eyes and was shocked at how close to my face the machine’s inner wall looked and felt. My first thought: OH MY GOSH, it’s like I’m lying in a casket.




Cue my nervousness. Followed a few minutes later by the technician’s voice echoing through the machine’s speakers saying: Ma’am, are doing okay? Your heart rate has really picked up.


My response: Uh, could you put on a country music or Top 40 Hits station, please?


Flash forward a few years later and I’m chaperoning an elementary school field trip to a science museum that features underground tunnels guests can run through with exits a various places throughout the building. A little mole rat sounding, but still kinda cool, right?


Uh, not so much.


Especially when you climb down the aging cement steps with a child who’s asked you to walk  through them with her. Only, you get to the bottom and all you see are small, dark tunnels going off in various directions with no end in sight, while childish screeches of delight (or fear) bounce off the cement walls that are BOUND to close in on you at ANY MOMENT!!!


Cue this reaction from me:    504160924_cramped_in_a_box_answer_3_xlarge


This panic attack was more of a hyperventilation, a racing heart, instantly clammy palms… and a chaperone who excuses herself for a trip to the ladie’s room, promising to be waiting for the child at one of the exits.


So what does all this mean for me?


Well, it means you won’t catch me doing this

IMG_2402             OR THIS             Victoria-navigating-the-Paseo-del-Indio-548x768


OR THIS pne-playland-wooden-roller-coast-1024x576


Unless I was coerced and then that smile you see on her face would be more like ABJECT fear on mine.


But I’m a romance writer who likes to have happy endings. So before we go on to sharing your phobias—because I hope you will, or any tips for overcoming phobias if you have any good ones—I’ll share two positive thoughts for you.


  1.  Here’s the type of falling I’m all about:




  1. My fellow Firebird sister has an AMAZING book out this month about a hero and heroine who can’t help but FALL IN LOVE with each other.

Check out Tamra Baumann’s It Had to Be Love available online now!! 


Tara Carter isn’t looking for romance. She’s content seeing patients at her new practice by day, then going home and cuddling with her puppy at night. Her new life in the tiny town of Anderson Butte, Colorado—known by celebrities as the place to lie low—is the perfect respite for a woman with a whopper of a secret. There’s just one problem: the town’s sexy sheriff knows she’s hiding something.

Sheriff Ryan Anderson, weary of small-town drama, has sworn off dating locals and thinks a fresh start in a bigger city is in order. However, the more he gets to know Tara, the more his heart tells him that she could be the woman of his dreams. But he wants to get to the bottom of whatever she’s trying so hard to keep under wraps. Can he uncover her secret before it drives them apart forever?




And after you commented here, hop on over to the other Firebirds who are sharing their phobias this month.

Carol Post, Tamra Baumann, Wendy LaCapra, and Kay Hudson


Hope to see you here next month for another Writer Wednesdays group blog. We’ll be chatting about our favorite character name on October 14th!


PS I’ve been having a ton of spam lately so I had to switch to moderated comments only. I’ll be checking regularly so you’re post will be approved fairly quickly. My apologies for the change. :-(

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